Dato : Torsdag 24. oktober til Søndag 27. oktober 2019
Sted : Saint Petersburg, Russland

This unique and cutting edge meeting will be held in the beautiful city Saint Petersburg, that is historical and cultural capital of Russia. This Course is very special, because of the scope, first of all, as 50 world class experts in nose surgery gather together, among which there will be rhinoplasty Titans:

The scientific program of the Course is based on the live surgery that is performed by the experts, on the unique lecture and video material, also on the cutting edge discussions with detailed analysis of the effective and contemporary techniques in primary and secondary rhinoplasty, prophylaxis and treatment of complications.

The Course includes 10 live surgeries with HD broadcast.

Partially “live surgery” will go parallel with the cadaver dissection, this will allow participants to understand the surgical techniques better. Beside this, there will be more than 30 free of charge master classes from the top world class surgeons and two Dissection courses, one of which is devoted to the Structural Rhinoplasty and another one to the Preservation Rhinoplasty.

Here is the confirmed FACULTY, 
impressive for everyone who is involved in rhinoplasty:

Natalya Manturova (Russia)
Fazil Apaydin (Turkey)
Hamed Bateni (Iran)
Dario Bertossi (Italy)
Cavid Cabbarzade (Azerbaijan)
Jay Calvert (USA)
Baris Cakir (Turkey)
Nuri Celik (Turkey)
Nazim Cerkes (Turkey)
Roxana Cobo (Colombia)
Rollin Daniel (USA)
Richard E. Davis (USA)
Charles East (UK)
Miguel Goncalves Ferreira (Portugal)
Hossam Foda (Egypt)
Oren Friedman (USA)
Olivier Gerbault (France)
Abdulkadir Goksel (Turkey)
Wolfgang Gubisch (Germany)
Bahman Guyuron (USA)
Sebastian Haack (Germany)
Werner Heppt (Germany)
Emre Ilhan (Turkey)
Aaron Kosins (USA)

Milos Kovacevic (Germany)
Alexander Kuzanov (Georgia)
Alan Landecker (Brazil)
Stefan Maas (Germany)
Sam P. Most (USA)
Jose Carlos Neves (Portugal)
Peter Palhazi (Hungary)
Stephen S. Park (USA)
Enrico Robotti (Italy)
Yves Saban (France)
Tevfik Sozen (Turkey)
Suleyman Tas (Turkey)
Eren Tastan (Turkey)
Dean Toriumi (USA)
Antonio Sousa Vieira (Portugal)
Daniel F. a Wengen (Switzerland)
Jochen Wurm (Germany)
Natalya Korableva (Russia)
Arseniy Lavrov (Russia)
Konstantin Lipski (Russia)
Leonid Pavluchenko (Russia)
Sergei Vasilyev (Russia)
Vitaly Zholtikov (Russia)


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